March 20, 2018


Emotions run high when couples are divorcing. There are so many critical decisions about the future that must be addressed during this turbulent time. Who will have custody of the children? How will the property be divided? What about visitation?

We bring uncommon insight into the legal and emotional issues involved in family law matters. We are compassionate with our clients, but aggressively represent their interests. You can trust our strength and experience to assist you and your family. Rely on us today so you can focus on a brighter tomorrow.

Our firm is pleased to represent clients throughout Central Massachusetts, including cities throughout Middlesex and Worcester County. To contact our firm, call (978)448-9601, or contact us by e-mail.

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Our Approach

In each family law matter we handle, we negotiate on behalf of our client to seek the best resolution for that client, keeping in mind that sometimes “winning” means not fighting every fight. We work with our clients to determine their priorities and their legal budget. Though our first approach is always to negotiate with the opposing party, we only resolve matters according to our client’s wishes, and do not hesitate to present a contested matter to the judge.

Attorneys in our area know that we are fair but firm in our resolve to seek a fair resolution for our clients.

Though the majority of our cases are resolved without the necessity of trial, we approach each case with the knowledge that negotiations may fail and court intervention may be necessary. If your spouse or their attorney is not willing to be reasonable, we will be thoroughly prepared to argue aggressively to the court on your behalf. Our experience has shown that an attorney who takes the time to prepare serves her client much more effectively when the parties appear before the judge.

For a moderate consult fee you can come in and meet with our experienced attorney to discuss your situation and assess your legal options.  Should you decide to proceed, your consult fee will be applied to your first invoice.

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